osteopathy treatment

Rebecca graduated from Kingston University with a master’s degree in osteopathic medicine.

Whilst completing her training as an osteopath, Rebecca worked in private practice in a multi-disciplinary clinic as a Sports massage therapist, working with a wide spectrum of people from athletes, to desk workers and stuntmen.

Rebecca continues to see patients alongside mentoring osteopathic BOST and master’s students in a teaching setting at Kingston University, at the NESCOT Osteopathic Clinic. She is highly experienced, and her qualifications cover all the areas of expertise in musculoskeletal pain, sports injuries and rehabilitation, women’s health and pregnancy rehabilitation.

Specialities & Experience

• Back and neck pain
• Pelvic floor rehabilitation
• Incontinence
• Pelvic pain
• Prolapse
• Diastasis recti
• Abdominal reconditioning
• Sexual health
• PGP / SPD (lower back pain during pregnancy)
• Lymphatic drainage
• Dry needling

General & Musculoskeletal:

• Back and neck pain
• Shoulder rehabilitation
• Shoulder pain
• Jaw pain (TMJ dysfunction)
• Migraines and headaches

Rebecca offers prenatal and postnatal treatments to help pregnant women enjoy a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy, and to help women recover more quickly after pregnancy: there is a focus on minimising pathologies such as back pain, incontinence, prolapse or diastasis. She is passionate and prioritises providing her patients with an individualised treatment plan in an evidence based, holistic way to ensure long-term results.

Rebecca’s skills cover all osteopathic techniques, manual therapies such as massage, exercise and movement rehabilitation, and dance fitness. Rebecca is a certified provider of acupuncture and shockwave therapy.

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